EMS China

The State Post Bureau owns the (China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation) China Courier Service Corporation (CCSC) that provides domestic and international EMS services in China. With its introduction in 1980, EMS has grown rapidly both in volume and different categories. EMS China has been continuously striving to make an effort to provide quality services to its customers. It is constantly figuring out ways to increase production capacity, provide new services and improving mail delivery speeds.

Today, EMS China is interconnected to not only the rural areas within a city but also to the entire nation and to the whole world. EMS China is linked to 200 countries around the world and 2000 domestic cities. With more than 20,000 professional courier staff and 15,000 specialized courier collection and delivery vehicles, EMS China attempts to excel in express mail services. It also has an information platform that covers 318 domestic cities and has more than 200 processing centers across China.

The China Post Express provides a range of advanced services such as Next Morning Delivery (Regional and Inter-Regional), Next Day Delivery, International Time-Certain Delivery and more. It also provides value added services such as collection on delivery and paid by addressee.

The domestic EMS is a time-based delivery commitment that caters to inter regional mail deliveries. The International EMS covers Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Spain, France, and Singapore with more than 300 million delivery points, and 140,000 postal business institutions. The global EMS track and trace service of the China Postal Express is facilitated by the UPU system.

If you live in China and are planning to send a parcel either to another city within China or overseas to another country at the far end of the globe, EMS China will help you take advantage of speedy delivery that can be tracked. Rather than relying on a semi-professional delivery company that uses contract labor for delivery of packages, you should use EMS China for ensuring smooth and timely delivery of your parcels. There is no guarantee that your package will reach the desired destination with these semi-professional delivery companies.

With EMS China, it is guaranteed that your parcel will reach the desired location on time in a safe condition. EMS China is being continuously improved since its inception. Efforts have also been made for the development of EMS China through the introduction of e-scanning systems, automatic sorting machines and GPS systems in the main processing centers.